Geotechnical & Tunnel Consultants

A consultant is a universal observer who can look at a problem outside the environment in which the problem came to be, thereby creating a solution that was never possible before.  Fernando Flores

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B-Type 1 or 2?
C-Jacked Pipe Failure
D-Top of Rock
E-PI Litigation Support
F-Geotech Assessment
G-Microtunneling Hard/Soft
H-Machine Failure
I-Boulders-Tunnel Boring
K-Plowing Utilities
L-Rock Socket Overrun
M-Bored Tunnel Inflow
N-Rock Comminution
O-Sub-Std TBM Performance
P-Bored Tunnel-Shear Zone
Q-Disputes Resolution
R-Problem Proj. Completion
S-Bored Tunnel Overbreak
T-Auger Sampling Problems
U-Bored Tunnel Delay
V-Hoe Ram - Failure to Rely
Peter J. Tarkoy
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Tunnel Inflow Claimed to be Unanticipated
---on behalf of owner---

Water inflow encountered in a tunnel was claimed to be unanticipated. 
However, the claim was unfounded as seen from the chart below .....

Not only was there no difference in conditions, the tunnel excavation efficiency 
decrease preceded the water inflow as illustrated below.......