Geotechnical & Tunnel Consultants

A consultant is a universal observer who can look at a problem outside the environment in which the problem came to be, thereby creating a solution that was never possible before.  Fernando Flores

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B-Type 1 or 2?
C-Jacked Pipe Failure
D-Top of Rock
E-PI Litigation Support
F-Geotech Assessment
G-Microtunneling Hard/Soft
H-Machine Failure
I-Boulders-Tunnel Boring
K-Plowing Utilities
L-Rock Socket Overrun
M-Bored Tunnel Inflow
N-Rock Comminution
O-Sub-Std TBM Performance
P-Bored Tunnel-Shear Zone
Q-Disputes Resolution
R-Problem Proj. Completion
S-Bored Tunnel Overbreak
T-Auger Sampling Problems
U-Bored Tunnel Delay
V-Hoe Ram - Failure to Rely
Peter J. Tarkoy
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Litigation Support & 
Expert Witness
---on behalf of the injured party---

A laborer was injured as a result of drilling into an un-detonated blasting cap and charge. 

The injured party and the blasting cap manufacturer were at odds in regard to 7 distinct issues. 

Our forensic investigation addressed each issue based on the project data and provided a graphic representation of the plaintiffs contention and the defendants contention, with factual data available to support each side, when possible.

The exhibits were prepared to address the issues considered important by the injured party's attorney and issues contested by the defendant's attorneys. 

All exhibits addressed these issues graphically and conclusively. The defendant got a glimpse of the exhibits and immediately settled the case.